Human Identification

Biometric fingerprint, facial and iris recognition, among others, for integration with online platforms, APPs, financial cores and software that requires verifying the identity of users or customers.

BioServer® provides security services using fingerprint identification / verification, facial recognition, iris recognition and specialized code management for documents.
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Facial recognition applied to mobile and face-to-face transactions

Set of services that allow financial and non-financial institutions to authorize transactions using facial recognition.


It can be used in:

  • Mobile phones as an authorizer for teleconference transactions

  • Facial recognition integrated into the institution’s APP

  • Easy integration to any financial Core or client server and web application

  • It can be sent by SMS, WhatsApp or email

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Management of Presence and Productivity of Human Resources

Cloud platform that allows function-decentralization and operational-load-reduction of more than 80% for companies Human Resources departments.

  • Mobile phone as transaction authorizer

  • Face recognition integrated into financial APPs

  • Facial recognition integrated into
    virtual banking websites

  • Easy integration to any financial core

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Mobile capture and absenteeism control

Mobile application that allows to measure the productivity of the
Staff time, attendance control and telework in an agile, fast and safe way, through any device.

  • Mobile captures

  • Record of leaves/permits or news

  • Permission aproval from anywhere

  • Sending notifications

  • Certificates or work orders without going to HR

  • Reports and Data-analytics

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Catering-control service

It allows to socialize consumption related information made by the employees in order to generate reports that avoid food waste and a fair payment to the catering provider.

  • Fully modular service

  • Paperless, doesn’t require to print tickets to get an accurate control

  • Full access to each employee information, quickly online or through e-mail and hosted in the cloud

  • Know in detail of what has been consumed in breakfast, lunch or diner

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Ideal for customers who need to decentralize information and manage operational functionality of a web or mobile time-control system.
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